Beckett Authentication Services Announces Discontinuation of COA Cards ;?>
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by Beckett Authentication Serviceson Apr 12, 2022in Beckett Authentication Services
Beckett Authentication Services Announces Discontinuation of COA Cards

Beckett Authentication Services will no longer issue a certificate of authenticity card with each corresponding tamper-evident sticker for authenticated items. This change will start with our certification number sequence BF and witness certification sequence WJ. All pertinent information for the certification can be found on our digital database, now with direct access from our tamper-evident certification sticker. In the past, the certification card served merely to direct the customer where to look up their certification number online. Now that our certification stickers utilize a QR code, the cards are no longer necessary.

We do understand that some people still like to have a physical record of their item, so we have two different options to meet individual needs. First, from the certification verification webpage we have added an option to print the certificate. For those wanting more formalized documentation, we do offer Letter of Authenticity upgrades for all items that do not normally qualify for one.  Our LOAs are custom made for each individual item featuring the signer and item type information, any pertinent notes, and an exact image of the item being certified as authentic. They are printed on our custom foil watermarked paper and feature a live signature from one of our authentication staff.

Beckett is the first autograph authentication company to move away from the traditional Certificate of Authenticity (COA) cards.  For years authentication companies have been issuing a generic type card printed with the certification number without any other item specific details. They were issued more as a way to tell people where to go look up their items. Beckett has solved that issue by incorporating a QR code to the certification sticker so that digital records can be verified at any time. “We are very excited to continue to modernize the authentication process to meet growing collector demands,” Andrea Carrillo Director of Business Development said, “This change will be the first of many changes to streamline the process and utilize new technology.”


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