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About Beckett Authentication Services

Established November 2016, Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) is the newest member of the Beckett Media portfolio. Since 1984, Beckett has been the industry standard for price guides, card grading, and now with the inception of BAS, autograph authentication.

World renowned autograph experts Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero bring their vast experience with autographs from all genres and eras to the forefront of BAS. They have authenticated some of the rarest and most valuable items in the industry, a testament to their level of expertise.

With a full range of services for your autograph collection, Beckett Authentication Services is the only authentication company you'll ever need.

Our Principal Authenticators


Steve Grad

Grad most recently served as principal authenticator for a leading authentication company, building that company's authentication business during the past 15 years. Grad has authenticated many of the finest pieces in the sports collectible hobby, including the highest graded Babe Ruth single-signed baseball and the only known Joe Jackson signed photo. Since 2013, Grad has served as an autograph expert for Pawn Stars on The History Channel, and will continue to appear on the popular show representing Beckett Authentication Services.


Brian Sobrero

Sobrero's lifelong association with the autograph industry has helped him develop an unmatched library of exemplars. He has been an invaluable resource to auction houses, leading hobby dealers and private collectors, ensuring that their modern autographs are authentic.


Charlie Price

Charlie Price has been involved with the autograph industry for over two decades. Starting off as an in-person autograph seeker to becoming an avid collector and eventually an authenticator. His knowledge of contemporary autographs is a valuable asset to Beckett Authentication Services.

Larry Studebaker

Larry Studebaker

Larry Studebaker has been an autograph authenticator since 2006, for two other respected companies. Between his personal collection and his time in the hobby he has built an archive of over 100,000 exemplars. Larry’s autograph authentication work has been utilized in multiple catalogs for over 15 different auction houses.

Why Choose Beckett Authentication Services

In an industry where counterfeiting and forged autographs run rampant, it is near impossible to sell an autographed item without third-party certification. Buyers know they can't just take the sellers word that they got the item themselves, and sellers know that they can increase the value of their item by having it authenticated. But which company does the authentication matters, not all third party experts are equal.

Beckett Authentication Services led by Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero, have a combined 25 years of experience authenticating autographs. It's not just that they have been doing this longer than everyone else, it's that they are responsible for personally authenticating the most valuable items in the industry including: Babe Ruth's 1918 contract with the Boston Red Sox, the 1857 Laws of Baseball document and the only known Joe Jackson signed photograph. When there is an item of significant value that needs authentication, the industry turns to Grad and Sobrero for their expert opinions.

More than just our experts being the best, BAS utilizes cutting edge technology to add security features to all of our products to prevent counterfeiting. Our tamper-evident encapsulation holders are impossible to penetrate without detection, which means once it has been hermetically sealed, you can rest assured that you are receiving an authentic Beckett certified item. Our certification stickers can only be applied to an object once, and if someone does try to remove it, it will be evident. Everything we do, from our online database to custom watermarked paper, is to protect you, the buyers and sellers of Beckett Authenticated items.


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