Signature Review

Packing Guide

How to Pack and Ship Your Submission

We recommend shipping to Beckett Authentication Services using registered insured mail via USPS or FedEx and purchasing the necessary insurance. Once you've determined the carrier you will use, follow the steps as outlined below:


Securely pack your items.

  • Place items to be encapsulated inside Mylar sleeves before inserting into card savers, put the card savers between two pieces of cardboard, and rubber band everything together.
  • Wrap other items in bubble wrap and be sure that they are kept together in some manner so they are not scattered about the box when it is opened.
  • Use plenty of packaging materials (bubble wrap, packing peanuts) to ensure the items do not move around inside the box. (Remember these packages can encounter rough treatment during shipping).

Include a copy of your submission form in the package.


Use packing tape to completely seal the box. USPS requires that every seam on the box is covered with craft paper tape, you cannot use regular plastic tape.


Address the package to: Beckett Authentication Services, 2700 Summit Ave, Ste 100, Plano, TX 75074


Deliver the package to the shipping carrier of your choice. Purchase the necessary insurance and retain a copy of the tracking number for your records.