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Q. What is autograph authentication?

A. Autograph authentication is the process in which autographs are evaluated to determine if they are authentic, genuine examples of a signature or not. Beckett Authentication Services autograph experts analyze the ink, structure of the autograph and, when necessary, reference our database of exemplars to make a side-by-side comparison of the signature in order to give their opinion on the authenticity of the signature.

Q. How much does autograph authentication cost?

A. The authentication fees vary based on the signer of the item or, if multi-signed, the premier signer and the total number of signatures. Fees can be looked up by typing in the signer name on the Beckett Authentication pricing page. For multi-signed items, once you determine the fee of the premier signer, use the chart to determine the fee for the total number of signatures on your multi-signed item.

If a fee does not populate for your particular signer, please email so our representatives can determine if we can authenticate that signature and the appropriate authentication fee.

If you are submitting at least 50 items for authentication, please email to inquire about bulk pricing.

Q. How long does the authentication process take?

A. Beckett Authentication Services does not offer guaranteed turnaround times; depending on service type we strive to complete each order within the following timeframe:

Please keep in mind, during national trade conventions and holidays turnaround time may exceed the quoted times because of office closures.

Q. Do you offer expedited processing?

A. Yes, if you are seeking to have your order completed faster than the standard estimated turnaround time, we do offer expedited processing for an additional fee.

Q. What is a declared value?

A. All items submitted to Beckett Authentication Services must have a value associated to them. While we understand you will not know the true value of the item until it is authenticated, we ask that you form a realistic value based on your own research, keeping in mind the declared value is used for determining shipping insurance cost and in the event of a claim related to the item.

Please note, any item with a declared value of $5,000 or more is subject to a Premium Item Fee in addition to the authentication fee. To calculate the Premium Item charge, please refer to the pricing page.

If Beckett determines, in its sole discretion, that the declared value of the item is understated and the item is found to be worth significantly more than your declared value, Beckett reserves the right to adjust your value and charge the appropriate service and insurance fees.

Q. Can I choose where the tamper-evident certification sticker is placed?

A. You have the choice whether you would like the tamper-evident certification sticker placed on the item or the Letter of Authenticity (LOA). Items with fees lower than $50 without a Letter Upgrade will have the certification sticker placed on the item, unless you upgrade to a full LOA for an additional fee of $20. You can indicate where you would like the certification sticker placed by utilizing the “Sticker Placement” checkbox on the submission form. Note, the sticker will be placed on the LOA of items with unchecked boxes, we reserve the right to place the label on the LOA at our discretion.

Q. Does Beckett Authentication replace lost Certificates/Letters of Authenticity?

A. Yes, Beckett Authentication will replace your lost or misplaced certificate/letter of authenticity. It is a $5 fee for COA replacements and $20 for LOA replacements. Request your replacement here. Note, beginning with the certification number sequence BF and witness certification number sequence WJ, Beckett Authentication is no longer issuing COA cards. There is however the option to print a certificate direct from the certification verification webpage.

Q. I am having issues verifying the certification number on your website, can you help?

A. Certification numbers can be verified by utilizing the Cert Verification page on our website or within the Beckett App. If you are receiving the message “no record found” in error please send an email to our customer service department with the certification number in question, description of the item, and a photograph of the item so that we can review the issue for you.

Q. What types and sizes of items can be encapsulated?

A. The tamper-evident encapsulation case can accommodate a wide variety of items from 8x10 photographs to trading cards and everything in between. Using a custom inner sleeve made specifically to the dimensions of your item, checks, cuts, index cards, postcards, photographs, and documents can all fit securely inside of our holder. We also have the ability to encapsulate baseballs in a patented holder made specifically for baseballs.

Q. If I remove an encapsulated item from the tamper-evident Beckett case, is it still considered authentic?

A. No. By choosing Beckett Authentication Autograph Encapsulation, you forgo the certificate/letter of authenticity and tamper-evident certification sticker. Therefore, once an item is removed from the case, or it shows signs of tampering, there is no way to validate that the item was authenticated by Beckett Authentication.

Q. Do all autographed cards need to be submitted through Beckett Authentication? What about certified autographed cards issued directly by the manufacturer?

A. All after-market autographs must be submitted through Beckett Authentication Services to be authenticated. Once deemed authentic, the submitter can add on autograph and card grading. Autographs issued and certified by the manufacturer can be submitted directly to Beckett Grading for card and autograph grading.

Q. What if I believe my item is mislabeled?

A. Beckett will correct any mislabeled item(s) free of charge. If you believe your item is mislabeled, please email Customer Service. You will need to provide clear images of the front and back of your item, as well as a description of what you believe it should be labeled. We will review the information and provide instructions on how to return the item for correction at no cost.

Q. Where do I send my autograph authentication orders?

A. Orders for autograph authentication can be mailed to Beckett Headquarters: Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) 2700 Summit Ave, Ste 100 Plano, TX 75074. Be sure to check out our packing guide to learn how to keep your items safe during shipment. To save on shipping fees, we recommend bringing your items for authentication at an event near you where we are offering onsite autograph authentication.

Q. Can I combine standard Beckett Grading Orders, Beckett Authentication Orders and CBCS Comic Orders in one package?

A. Yes, you can ship your BGS, BAS and CBCS orders in together, but you will need to fill out separate submission forms for each of the services and clearly separate the orders. Orders will be processed separately and shipped back as they are completed so you will be responsible for return shipping fees on each of the orders. We are not able to hold orders to ship together.

Q. I have autographed comics, can you authenticate the signature and grade the comic book?

A. Yes. Beckett Authentication Services and CBCS comics have partnered to become the only third-party authentication and grading company to offer autograph authentication and comic book grading in one service! Through the Verified Signature Program Beckett Authentication first evaluates the signature to determine if it is authentic. CBCS then grades the comic based on condition, or gives it the authentic verification without numerical grade, the choice is yours.

Q. Can I update or change my address on a current Beckett order?

A. If you need to update or change your address on any current submission, please Contact Us. Have your invoice number(s) and new address ready before you call or provide it in your email. Changing your address in your account does not affect orders currently in the grading process.

Q. Does Beckett Authentication have an App?

A. Yes, the Beckett App can be downloaded for iPhones and Androids. View the Beckett Authentication event schedule, certification verification, authentication fees, and submit items for signature review while on the go.

Q. Can I request a specific event significance on the label?

Yes, we do allow collectors to request a specific pedigree for the label. However, there is a limit of 50 characters per line of text and two lines maximum that can be utilized. Ultimately, it is at Beckett’s discretion what will appear on the label and all information must be verifiable by a credible source. Beckett will not make designations based on the race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity and/or expression, or sexual orientation of the subject. If no special text on the label is requested, Beckett will use our standard default designation for the ticket’s labeling.

Q. What size ticket will fit in Beckett’s Ticket Case?

Beckett’s standard ticket case can accommodate a ticket up to 3.72” x 7.73” while the XL ticket case has maximum dimensions of 4.38” x 10”. A custom inner sleeve for your specific-sized item will be created for the most secure encapsulation available on the market. Regulation-size ticket stubs will be encapsulated in our standard (2.75" x 3.76") and/or Tall Boy (4”x5.53”) cases. There are some tickets that Beckett’s current holders cannot accommodate but additional sizes and dimensions may be available in the future as new cases are introduced.

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