Signature Review


Q. What is Beckett Authentication Services (BAS)?

A. BAS is an autograph authentication service that was established by Beckett in 2016. BAS was created to give customers a premium, respected and trusted autograph authentication service that customers in the market have desired, and requested, from Beckett for years. Led by two of the best, and most respected, autograph authenticators in the industry, BAS provides their customers a superior opinion when it comes to autograph examinations.

Q. What types of autographed items can BAS examine and what type of certification comes with each item?

A. BAS is currently able to examine, and accept, almost all sport and non-sport autographs, on any type of item. Encapsulation of those items will be limited to baseballs and flat items up to 8x11 in size though.

If the BAS team feels you have an authentic autograph, we have several options to report our findings. Options include a basic certificate card that includes a sticker on the item, a letter of authentication, or encased in a secured Beckett slab with a unique serial number. Prices and options vary from piece to piece. Click here for more details about each service (Link)

Q. Where do I send my Beckett autograph authentication orders?

A. Please send all BAS orders directly to the Beckett offices in Dallas. The address is Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) 4635 McEwen Rd Dallas TX 75244. This address is also listed on each submission form. You can also bring your items to any show that BAS will be attending. A full list of shows can be found at Although we will accept oversized items to be mailed to us (hockey sticks, bats, guitars, etc), we do recommend considering bringing these items to a show/event in your area.

Q. May I combine standard my Beckett Grading order with BAS order?

A. Yes, you can ship your BGS and BAS orders in together but you will need to fill out separate submission forms and clearly separate the orders. Orders will be processed separately and shipped back as they are completed. We will not be able to hold BGS orders, to ship with your BAS orders so please know your orders will be returned as they are completed.

Q. What is the turnaround time on BAS orders?

A. Turnaround times are non-guaranteed, but we strive for a 10-business day turnaround in most circumstances. We do recommend checking our show schedule at though as many items can be examined, onsite as you wait.

Q. What are the costs involved with getting my autographs examined?

A. Please see the BAS submission form, or BAS website for a pricing list. Prices for the authentication service will depend on who autographed the item, how many autographs are on the item, and if you want the pieces encased and/or graded (if possible). Customers are also responsible for all return shipping and insurance, on orders that require shipping. See any BAS submission form for a list of these rates. Remember, there is a full charge for items BAS feels are non-authentic signatures.

Q. Do all autographed cards have to be submitted through the BAS program? What about certified autographed cards issued directly by the manufacturer?

A. All after-market autographs must be submitted through the BAS program for examination. Autographs issued by manufacturers, such as Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, etc. may be submitted through normal BGS grading ( and do not need to go through the BAS service. There are some older, manufacturer produced, autographed items that require BAS examination and a Beckett employee will contact you if your items fall into that category. This includes items such as pre-1998 autographed items, Topps Rookie Photo Shoot cards, Pro Line pieces, etc.

Q. How do I fill out the submission form?

A. Instructions and rules are printed on each form. You can manually enter each item you want to submit or print a submission form to handwrite the items in. Be sure to check the appropriate box on each line number, signifying the desired service. If you are unable to obtain a submission form, please contact us at or 972-448-9112

Q. Can I request a minimum grade on items I might want graded?

A. Yes, if you would like to ask that your card and/or autograph only be given a numerical grade if it meets a certain minimum grade, please clearly write your minimum grade requests for each item on a separate sheet of paper and include it with your submission form. Please note that cards/autos not meeting the minimum grade will still be charged the appropriate authentication and grading fees.

Q. Does BAS replace lost COA's or LOA's?

A. Yes, BAS will replace your certificates or letters if they are lost or misplaced. There is a fee associated with this service so please contact BAS for more information (

Q. Is BAS accepted on Ebay, Amazon, with major auction houses, etc?

A. Yes, BAS is approved to sell on all major sites including Ebay and Amazon. You will also items that have been authenticated through BAS in all of the major auction house catalogs. With the Beckett name, and top authenticators in the industry, BAS items are well respected throughout the secondary market.

Q. I am having trouble looking up the serial number for a BAS item I just purchased. Can you help?

A. Please go to to look up all of your autographed items that have been authenticated by BAS. If for some reason you are unable to look up your item, please email BAS ( with the serial number and description of the item.