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Beckett Authentication Services provides expert third party opinions on autographs from all genres and eras. Our experts have unmatched years of experience in the field of autograph authentication and are the most trusted and knowledgeable in the industry.

All autographs submitted for authentication undergo the following process:


Our experts analyze the ink, structure of the autograph and, when necessary, reference our database of exemplars to make a side-by-side comparison of the signature. If a signature requires us to take a deeper look, we have state of the art tools like a Pro-Scope or VSC machine at our disposal.



Once a signature is deemed authentic, a half-inch oval tamper-evident label, with the alphanumeric BAS Certification number, is applied to the item. This label can only be applied to an object once, and can be removed, but will leave behind fragments of the label, preventing it from being reapplied to any other object.

For an additional fee, items can be issued a Letter of Authenticity (LOA) featuring the same alphanumeric certification number and exact image of the item that was examined and certified.


The certified autograph can be verified using our online database and typing in the 6-digit alphanumeric certification found on either the label on the item, or the COA/LOA.

Beckett Authentication can authenticate autographs from all genres and eras. Whether it is a vintage or modern autograph, sports, entertainment or historical, our experts have vast knowledge of all types of autographs.

To determine if we can authenticate your autograph, search for the name on our pricing page. If you are unable to find the name of your signer, please send us an email so that we can get back to you about our ability to authenticate that signature.

The authentication fees vary based on the signer of the item or, if multi-signed, the premier signer and the total number of signatures.

Fees can be looked up by typing in the signer name on the Beckett Authentication pricing page. For multi-signed items, once you determine the fee of the premier signer, use the chart to determine the fee for the total number of signatures on your multi-signed item.

If you are submitting at least 50 items for authentication, please email to inquire about bulk pricing.

Beckett Authentication Services does not offer guaranteed turnaround times; however, we strive to complete each order submitted for authentication within 30 business days. Please keep in mind, during national trade conventions and holidays turnaround time may exceed 20 business days because of office closures.

You have the choice whether you would like the tamper-evident certification sticker placed on the item or the Letter of Authenticity (LOA). Items with fees lower than $50 without a Letter Upgrade will have the label placed on the item, unless you upgrade to a full LOA for an additional fee of $20. You can indicate where you would like the certification sticker placed by utilizing the “label placement” checkbox on the submission form. Note, the label will be placed on the LOA of items with unchecked boxes, we reserve the right to place the label on the LOA at our discretion.

Orders for autograph authentication can be mailed to the Beckett office: Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) 2700 Summit Ave, Ste 100 Plano, TX 75074. Be sure to check out our packing guide to learn how to keep your items safe during shipment.

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