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  • When purchasing autographs our customers deserve to know the items that they are buying are authentic. Using Third Party Authentication provides them with that assurance. We were excited when we found out that Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero would be teaming up with Beckett to form Beckett Authentication Services. Beckett has a long history of being one of the most respected brands in the hobby. Steve and Brian are two of the most knowledgeable experts in autograph authentication. That combination offers us a Third Party Authentication company that our customers prefer and respect. When purchasing items on our website the Beckett Authentication Services COA, LOA or Slabs give our customers every assurance that the items are 100% authentic.

    Joshua H Friedman - JHF Collectibles

  • Our company began working with Steve Grad roughly five years ago, not only have we seen an uptick in sales but, we have found that people prefer items that are authenticated by Steve and the team at Beckett Authentication. In an era of mistrust within authentication companies, Steve and Beckett have weathered the storm and remain at the forefront of the industry.

    George Elemont - Locker Room Sports

  • As a full time dealer in sports memorabilia, I have learned that only a few people in the industry are qualified to be third party autograph authenticators. Many try, but after over thirty years in the business, I don't leave authentication up to chance, I use Beckett Authentication Services because I know they will give a professional opinion that can be trusted. With their sticker, certificate of authenticity, and tamper-evident cases for encapsulated items Beckett Authentication Services is the only third party autograph authenticators I can trust to be sure my customers are buying authentic autographs.

    Joel Alpert - AM Sports Marketing Group

  • Beckett Authentication’s expertise is one of the foundational cornerstones on which RR Auction built its successful autograph auction. Their incredible knowledge of celebrity signing styles and vast autograph exemplar files have benefitted both our consignors and buyers. Steve Grad is the best and RR Auction relies on his authentication opinions every month, as we have since 2004.

    Bobby Livingston - RR Auction

  • Since the inception of our company in 2007, our mission statement has always been to provide fans of sports and entertainment, quality authentic autographed memorabilia at a reasonable price. Beckett Authentication, and their staff of knowledgeable authenticators, have allowed us to achieve that goal. Beckett is not only one of the most reputable and trusted names in the memorabilia industry, their customer service is unparalleled as well. They always make the authentication process seamless and enjoyable by sharing their insight on specific items. Beckett is definitely an asset to the memorabilia community.

    Matt Monteleone - Icon Sports Marketing

  • Steve Grad is undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened to autographs. As a pioneer of third-party authentication, Steve helped make the hobby a safer place for collectors and created a sustainable market for investors. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to the authenticity of autographs is second-to-none, which is why Beckett Authentication is the autograph authentication company that we use for our auctions.

    Jeff Woolf - Iconic Auctions

  • In the world of autograph authentication Steve Grad is in a league by himself. The autograph business is engrained in Steve and he’s had a passion for the hobby for decades. Not only as an avid collector, but also as someone who wants to see the business thrive. As Malcolm Gladwell said, “to become an expert it takes ten thousand hours of deliberate practice”; if this is indeed true, Steve Grad is at a level above and beyond words.

    Mike Vettraino - Hobby Enthusiast

  • I can’t say enough great things about Beckett Authentication. I have worked exclusively with Beckett for over 4 years for my autograph business and authenticated well over 10,000 items with them. I only trust Beckett Authentication with my signed collectibles.

    Lance Kirkland - OC Celebrity Marketing LLC

  • I've known Steve Grad for nearly 20 years and trust his knowledge more than anyone in the industry. Whether it's for my business or personally, I don't buy or sell and important autograph without knowing Beckett Authentication has approved it. There's nobody in this industry who is more passionate about what they do and authenticating autographs than Beckett Authentication Services.

    Steve Bloedow - Collect Auctions

  • When it comes to autograph authentication, Leaf's decision to use Beckett Authentication featuring Steve Grad as principle authenticator was a no brainer. Steve is absolutely the top authenticator in our opinion, and we are excited for the opportunity to work with Steve Grad and the Beckett team!

    Brian Gray - Leaf Trading Cards

  • For many years now, both on-line and in-person, customers have come to expect and rely upon the 3rd party authentication of autographs. The value of 3rd party authentication is based on the expertise of the people rendering their opinion. I believe that the Beckett authenticators have the experience and knowledge to accurately authenticate the signatures I sell, which is what makes Beckett Authentication Services my authenticator of choice.

    Mike Gomez - Typhoons3

  • I use Beckett Authentication for all my autograph authentication services. Beckett Authentication is the gold standard that collectors trust in the autograph business. Whenever I see BAS certified I can rest assured that this has been looked at by the best in the world & have no doubt what I have is real.

    Pat Neshek - Pitcher Colorado Rockies

  • We have turned to Beckett Authentication Services for all our authentication needs since they opened in 2016. The decades of experience between the authentication team makes them the most trusted third-party authentication available. The attention to detail, responsiveness and passion for the hobby is what sets Beckett Authentication Services apart.

    Brian Dwyer - REA Auctions

  • In the world of collecting, my opinion might mean something to friends, but to the rest of the world, it means nothing. You need Beckett Authentication. That's what you have to have if you want to sell it.

    Rick Harrison - Pawn Stars

  • When our company needs authentication for autographs, we use Beckett Authentication. They provide our company fantastic service and expertise in the autograph field, their knowledge of sports autographs is second to none.

    Bobby Poll - Sig Auctions

  • We use Beckett Authentication Services because of Beckett's tenure atop the memorabilia industry and because Beckett has the most trusted autograph authenticators in the industry. Beckett is a name that everyone knows and trusts.

    Brian Nicalek - OC Dugout

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