Beckett Live Presents: Grad School with Historic Autographs ;?>
Historic Autographs stops down to discuss Presiden...
by Eric Nortonon Nov 04, 2020in Beckett Authentication Services
Beckett Live Presents: Grad School with Historic Autographs

On the latest episode of Grad School, we welcomed Kevin Heffner of Historic Autographs to discuss Presidential signatures throughout history and their new product, POTUS The Frist 36. This Election Day history lesson on some of the most sought after signatures ever was full of unbelievable stories and can't miss details about just what it takes to obtain a signature from the President of the United States. From sneaking into dinner parties to campaign trail chasing, the rockstars of the political world seem to be oddly accessible before they take their seat in the Oval Office.  

Also, we discuss DNA relics and the role these pieces will play in the upcoming POTUS The First 36 release from Historic Autographs. Apparently, before we all chased signatures, a locket of hair was the way to go for collectors. Kevin and Steve both explain why that is and where these relics are now sourced from now. Finally, we discuss cut signatures and what happens to the rest of the document once a signature is removed. 

From Geroge Washington to Donald Trump, this episode is a great companion piece to this election season that won't make you want to throw your remote at the TV or unfollow half of your friends list. We're just talking autographs without political opinions. Check it out. 

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