New Partnership Between Bam Box and Beckett Authentication Services ;?>
Bam Box now Authenticated by Beckett Authenticatio...
by Andrea Carrilloon Jun 01, 2020in Non-Sports Autographs & Memorabilia
New Partnership Between Bam Box and Beckett Authentication Services

Bam Box, a monthly mystery subscription box for geeks, nerds, gamers, sci-fi and horror fans, has now partnered with Beckett Authentication Services to have all celebrity autographs certified by the leading 3rd party authentication service. 

Starting with Box #6, which will begin shipping around mid-June, all celebrity autographs will now be certified by Beckett Authentication Services.

We are excited that Bam Box has chosen our company to certify all the autographs included in their subscription service. Adding authentication to the autographed items included in the box ultimately adds value for the end collector. Having your autographs authenticated by the world's leading 3rd party authentication service removes any doubt about the legitimacy of the autographs and makes them easier to sell.

Many collectors and buyers simply will not purchase autographed items if they have not been authenticated, there is just too much uncertainty to know if you are getting the real deal or a forgery reproduction. By sending already authenticated autographed items in each box, Bam Box is saving their subscribers at least $20 in authentication fees plus the time and effort required to get the item authenticated themselves. Because these are mystery subscription boxes, sometimes someone may receive an item they just don't care to keep and would rather sell online, now that can easily be done because the items are already certified, and it will help bring top dollar to the sale of the autograph. 

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