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A new special gives discounts on previously authen...
by Kieran Steckleyon Nov 04, 2019in Beckett Authentication Services
Make the Switch to Beckett Authentication

We all agree that authentication is essential for every autograph collection. And we all agree it’s just as essential to have the right authentication company backing up the legitimacy of your collection.

There is a high level of trust to determine which authentication company to use. We at Beckett Authentication Services recognize that. We are grateful to all our customers who come to us with photos, balls, Funko Pop items and anything with a signature.

Founded in 2016, we are still a relatively new company. We want to keep growing.

With that in mind, we have an exciting special during November 2019.

November Beckett Authentication Services Crossover Special:

This special is for any item that has been previously authenticated by another company. Submit your items for authentication by Beckett Authentication Services and receive the following pricing:

Normal Authentication Fees $49 and Under:
1-25 items: $10 each
26-50 items: $8 each
51-99 items: $7 each

Normal Authentication Fees $50 - $100:
1-25 items: $30 each
26-50 items: $25 each
51-100 items: $20 each

Normal Authentication Fees above $100:
50% off
For complete details, click here.

Why choose BAS? 

"In the world of collecting, my opinion might mean something to friends, but to the rest of the world, it means nothing. You need Beckett Authentication. That's what you have to have if you want to sell it."
- Rick Harrison, Pawn Stars

"We have turned to Beckett Authentication Services for all our authentication needs since they opened in 2016. The decades of experience between the authentication team makes them the most trusted third-party authentication available. The attention to detail, responsiveness and passion for the hobby is what sets Beckett Authentication Services apart." 
- Brian Dwyer, REA Auctions

“There isn’t a shortage of third-party authentication companies, many “experts” are available to review autographs and give their opinion. What matters is the level of expertise behind that opinion, and that is what sets Beckett Authentication apart. Our team of experts have been authenticating autographs longer and have seen more autographs than any of the other companies. It means that when people submit their items for an opinion by our experts, they are getting the best opinion that is available in the industry.”
- Andrea Carrillo, Director of Business Development 

“When you choose to have your autographs examined by Beckett Authentication Services (BAS), you know you will be getting the most trusted service in the industry, provided by the most experienced and respected team in the autograph authentication world. Our authenticators are the most trusted in the industry, which shows why major auction houses and secondary market sites require BAS to approve all autographs before they can be sold. Our extended team of experts specialize in different fields (sports & non-sports), which also gives us an advantage over the competition. If buying, selling, or just collecting autographs is what you do, BAS is the obvious choice! “
- Jeromy Murray, V.P. of Beckett Grading/Authentication & CBCS

“We use Beckett Authentication Services because of Beckett's tenure atop the memorabilia industry and because Beckett has the most trusted autograph authenticators in the industry. Beckett is a name that everyone knows and trusts.”
- Brian Nicalek, OC Dugout