Authenticating Made Easier ;?>
Some tips for a smooth authentication process
by Kieran Steckleyon Oct 24, 2019in Shows & Events
Authenticating Made Easier

We want each of our of customers to have a great experience with Beckett Authentication Services.

This is especially true at signings, shows and comic con events. These events can be hectic and busy. We respect your time and effort to trust us with your authentication needs.

In the spirit of that, we wanted to share some tips that will make the authentication process as smooth as possible.

  • Fill out forms before attending the event. Submission forms are available on our website. This will make the check-in process much smoother.
  • Print out three copies, bring two to the show and keep one at home for yourself. You can also calculate your price for the service desired.
  • If you want a card authenticated, bring card already in a card saver.
  • Each authentication comes with a tamper-evident certification sticker. The sticker’s location is up to you. Posting a sticky note with an arrow indicating where on the item you would like the sticker.
  • Review our service options online. We have a wide variety of options for your autograph that goes beyond authentication, including autograph grading, encapsulation, L.O.A upgrades and more.
  • Be sure to download the Beckett App to see show schedules, services, certificate verification and more.

Thank you for choosing Beckett Authentication Services.