'Pawn Stars' coming to the National ;?>
The National promises to be a great event, especia...
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'Pawn Stars' coming to the National

It’s time of year.

The National Sports Collectors Convention starts Wednesday, July 31 and runs through the end of week.

Beckett will be on hand. Beckett Authentication Services, Beckett Grading Services and Beckett Media will occupy Booth 670.

And there is an added bonus.

“Pawn Stars” will be on hand as well from Booth 670.

Rick Harrison, owner of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and star of the show, will be set up at the Beckett booth (670) on Sunday, Aug. 4. This is an opportunity to sell rare and collectible items directly to Harrison.

Please send photos and information about your items to pawnstars@gspawn.com. Please indicate you are submitting for The National in your email.

There’s more.

You, plus one guest, can win a meet-and-greet with Harrison. The rules are simple.

Post a selfie of you in front of the Beckett Media booth and tag Beckett Media, Beckett Grading, Beckett Authentication Services and Pawn Stars on History with the hashtag #MeetRickHarrison.

Must post by 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3, and winners must be attending the National on Sunday.

Three randomly selected winners (plus one guest each) will meet Rick 11:30 a.m. Sunday for photos and autographs (if time allows) at the Beckett booth.
Good Luck!

Visit www.nsccshow.com for ticket information for The National.

Visit www.beckett-authentication.com for all your authentication needs. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@beckettauthentication), Facebook (@beckettauthenticationservices) and Twitter (@beckett_authent).


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