"Game of Thrones" ends, collecting continues ;?>
HBO series has a safe spot in the hobby
by Kieran Steckleyon May 20, 2019in Non-Sports Autographs & Memorabilia
"Game of Thrones" ends, collecting continues

One of the most captivating shows in television history faded to black for the final time last week.

HBO aired the sixth episode of Season 8 of “Game of Thrones” Sunday night. After eight seasons and 73 episodes, the story of ice and fire reached its conclusion.

“Game of Thrones” crossed cultural boundaries. Heck, even Oreos made a special edition dedicated to the series. With references in shows like “Parks and Recreation” and parodies in “Bob’s Burgers” and the NBA-themed “Game of Zones,” those who had no idea what the Iron Throne was could share basic plot points.

In fact, some are saying “Game of Thrones” could be the last show of its popularity followed extensively in a week-to-week format. The increase in streaming services has greatly cut down the delayed release of episodes in favor of a binging format.

Given its impact, there is no surprise that it filtered in our hobby. Autographed trading cards, photographs, replica items and posters are hot commodities for collectors.

“No other television show has had the impact on collecting that Game of Thrones has had,” said Steve Grad, Principal Authenticator at Beckett Authentication Services. “Its characters will live on long after the show finishes. From Emilia Clarke to Kit Harington, they are some of the most popular and iconic figures in collecting. Fans will always continue to search out their signatures, as well as their castmates.”

Grad, also of “Pawn Stars” fame, has his own extensive collection of “Game of Thrones” autographs. A few are shared here.   

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Courtesy of Steve Grad


Courtesy of Steve Grad